Jack's Hardware - Rig Update

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Accompanying PCPP link: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/b/8kWD4D


Unfortunately, the processor in this rig, my 4th E5-1660, just bid farewell today.

Rest in Peace.

It can no longer sustain stability at 4.6Ghz even at 1.5v through my standard Subnautica stability test.

I’m planning for a Ivy Bridge-E replacement for this processor, since I still cannot afford Threadripper.

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TR is becoming more affordable. The boards and memory will be what makes or breaks the deal.
Only mentioning because it may be worth the wait to save if you find the need to replace the whole system. Keep your eyes peeled, deals come and go.

I’m only able to afford a Ivy Bridge-E of the same core count, because my Hackintosh installs are all tuned for 6 cores, and I cannot reinstall Sierra now cause too much has changed.

Looks like I will not be able to post Ivy Bridge-E results for a long time. Basically everything lined up against me from getting my replacement processor this year.

I prayed so hard for that processor to not degrade, but it still did, and Bryan from Tech YES might have the same fate as me pretty soon, but he can recover from it with a Z370 backup system and I can’t. That’s literally how budget constrained I am, meaning Threadripper will never be an option in time for me to still be relevant.

My X79 platform is like a horse with 2 broken legs. And because I can’t afford a new platform, and I’m done with Sandy Bridge-E and moving on to Ivy Bridge-E, It’s back to square one.