I've been looking at balls

I've been desiring a trackball for my work rig, I've done some searching on amazon and found this guy:

My fears with this particular trackball is it will be too small as many reviews seem to be bringing that up as a big issue. So I'm wondering who here has experience with balls and can recommend me some good balls that fit my criteria... I understand they're tough to find today as they're such a niche product which is pretty unfortunate imo.

My requirements are very simple:

  1. Trackball. I want a real trackball... not one of those thumb-operated monstrosities.
  2. 4 buttons. I need right, left, forward, back.
  3. Scroll functionality. wheel or ring is fine.
  4. Relatively cheap. This one's tough... the nice ones that fit my criteria I've found are at least $70, whereas I'm trying to keep the cost ~$50 or less.
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It's not a ball, but I fucking LOVE my MX Master. The infinite freewheel scroll is so very nice.

Battery life isn't great, but it works when plugged in, and it could just be that the batteries in mine are crap.

A couple people have recommended the https://www.kensington.com/us/us/4493/k64325/expert-mouse-wired-trackball
And it has good reviews apparently, haven't used myself tho

I got one of these last week. I'm still getting used to it. I also picked up a Logitech g502 mouse to compare it to. Love the mouse.

Does anyone with a trackball lube it or just let your finger oil do the work? Also how do you handle acceleration? I have trouble rolling it across a 4K screen without acceleration, but with accel on, it's frustrating to make fine movements. Maybe there's something I'm missing.

OP, did you decide on one?

Yeah I bought the one in the OP because it's the only one that fit my needs in the price range I was looking at. But that Kingston expert does look really nice. It hasn't arrived yet though so I can't comment on it yet.

inb4 someone asks if its for gaming

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I have the very first Serial one of these and I'm surprised that the line still exists. I'll probably get one but I can't recommend it enough.