Hello all,

Here is the situation. I have a fairly average desktop which I currently won't be able to bring with me when I (fingers-crossed) go abroad next year due to it's size. Money is tight right now, so a laptop is out of the question.

Would it be possible to take the CPU, GPU, hard drive, disk drive and memory out of my current desktop, get an ITX case and PSU like this with this motherboard and just transfer it all over? I think this would comfortably fit into a suitcase.

Here are my current specifications.

CPU: Intel G840 @ 2.80Ghz

Memory: Bog-standard no-name 8GB DDR3 

GPU: Asus 1GB EN GT430

Hard drive: 750Gb

I would like to get these parts into a smaller form-factor case.

I know it isn't anything fantastic (especially as I was stupid enough to render half of my RAM useless by accidently ordering 32Bit Windows 7), but it runs everything I need it to well enough.

Right now my biggest concern is the CPU cooler. I would rather not go down the water route, but I need something low profile that will keep things running nicely.

My budget is probably a maximum of £200 at the very, very most. I'd much rather keep it below £150 though.

Any suggestions in regards to any of this would be amazingly helpful, thank you very much for your time!

why would you even consider ITX for a budget build?

What do you mean? I currently have most of the parts that I need from my current PC, I just need it to be smaller.

I'm not starting from scratch here, just moving the parts over. Maybe I din't make that clear enough.

because ITX is overpriced and offers no advantage in any way over MATX, besides possibly aesthetics

MATX cases are availiable smaller in every dimension, the motherboards are cheaper and have better VRM support along with there being more selection


Ok then, which ones would you recommend then?



Thank you very much, I will look into them!