ITX mb for 2400g, not sure of Linux support

I’m looking to make a move back from Thinkpads to desktops and would like to go with a ryzen 5 2400g so that I can cut initial costs and go without a dedicated gpu. I would like to build in a Node 202, so ITX it is. I’ve found two boards that are common in these builds, and found issues on the web regarding linux compatibility:



Does anyone have recommendation for other motherboards, maybe, or experience with these two using linux?

The machine would be running Debian Buster, for what it’s worth. I would also like to have the option to pass through the future gpu to a VM. Not sure about the iommu grouping on these things, as I have no experience with these things. Any input is welcome.

I mentioned the Debian-specific issue you might encounter in the other thread. That’s a Debian packaging issue, and will affect any board using the Vega APU. As it stands right now, Debian’s a bad choice if you want to use the onboard graphics. This might improve in the future since it’s not a hardware issue, but I stopped expecting it months ago. :frowning: You can work around it by building your own kernel and firmware packages.

I have a Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac, and I’d recommend against it. There’s still a lingering issue that seems to affect every distro I’ve used, which causes the SATA controller to flub the handshake, error out, and lock up. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to happen predictably so it’s been very hard for me to pin down what causes it.

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