ITX case with handle

Heres the situation. I have the HTC vive. I like to take it places for family gatherings and such. I also have a decently spec'd pc, but its in a corsair 780t. This case is a pain in the ass to haul around. My wife has an i5 ITX build that could be made "VR ready" with just a couple of tweaks but its in a fairly large Rosewill Neutron case. It wouldnt be much easier to haul. So ill just put her computer in a smaller case, upgrade it, call it good.

Heres my list of wants:

Fit a RX480/GTX1060 for VR
Handle on top to haul it around
Fairly small
Fit a 240mm AIO (not super necessary but I already have it so it would be nice to use)

The corsair graphite 380t comes to mind but its become super expensive since its not being made anymore.

The Lian Li PC-TU100/200 looks awful.

The Bitfenix Prodigy seems to meet the criteria but im not sure if you would call those things "handles".

Any suggestions?

Couple dollars in parts and any case can have handles :)


You could go the arts and crafts route and take some straps and fashion a carrier for your rig.

I mean something like this: examplestrap

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