ITX Build Opinions

Hi guys. Looking at doing new build to down size. Was just looking for feedback/suggestions/opinions. Cheers.

Will be used for gaming using a Dell U2711 2560x1440 monitors. Looking for performance and silence.


CPU: Intel i5 4670K


RAM: Probably 16GB Corsair vengence

Case: Cubitek Mini Cube

SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 250GB

HDD: a 3TB drive of some sort

GPU: GTX770 or AMD R9 280X (opinions, waiting for release and seeing if theres price drops)

PSU: not sure. want modular. maybe corsai rm-550

Corsair K70 Black keyboard and maybe M65 mouse (suggestions). Corsair extended mouse mat.

Need recommendations for CPU cooler. Wanting to do some mild OC'ing. Maybe get some extra Noctua fans. I believe the limit is 150mm and GPU 280mm. Thanks for your input.

P.S. I'm from Australia so Umart or PC CASE Gear is preferable but don't really mind.

Seems pretty solid.  Some suggestions:

If you're just doing gaming, 8GB of RAM is plenty.  You can usually save some money getting 8GB.

For the GPU, I'd look into the HD 7970/7950.  Due to the R7. R9 release, they're super good price-performance right now.

I absolutely love the look of the black K70.  I would pick one up right now if they had a full black+blue backlight.

I, unfortunately, do not know the limits of the Cubitek Mini Cube.  My own PC is inside a Fractal Design Node 304, which I love the layout of.  I'd suggest giving it a look.  If you can fit a Hyper 212+ or an H60/H80i, you should be pretty good.

Thanks. Will definitely take that into consideration. I've already bought the case so it's the one thing thats set in stone. Cheers.