Itx am4 athlon 200ge and 150watts?

I’m going to use parts I have lying about to build a basic media player for music and to run linux on for the 1080p tv.

  • 2x8gb 2666mhz ram
  • Asrock b350 itx ac has build in wifi and bluetooth
  • 2x 2.5 5200rpm hdd
  • 120gb m.2
  • Slim line dvd/cd rw
  • Antek nsk 300 with 150watt psu
  • 2x 80mm noctua pwm
  • Noctual lp 65mm cooler

Only part I need to buy is a Am4 athlon 200ge that is 35 watts.
My question is will the Antek 150 watt psu be enough?

Should be plenty. My 2400G with pretty similar specs runs at 120 watts full tilt with CPU and iGPU maxed out.

Guessing you would be like 100W full load max

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cheers for the replies guys, glad it will all be fine