It's Christmas and New Year's soon... time to learn about a very delicious Spanish chocolate/sweet, Turron!

:snowflake: It’s that time of the year :snowflake:

Assuming you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the average temperature has dropped below 10ºC/50ºF, and soon it’s going to be Christmas.

That means, it’s time to stuff yourself with delicious sugary products 'cause 'Tis the season!

Now in Spain, we’ve got lots and lots Christmas Foods. Having said so, one of the best and most popular is Turron.

Turron is a sweet treat made from a mixture of honey, eggs, sugar and, perhaps most importantly of all, toasted nuts. Add in some Chocolate sometimes too. Words can’t describe a picture, though!

As you can already see, it looks absolutely delicious. And well, sorry to not disappoint, but it is!

Right now you’re asking yourself “Well, how does it taste, then?” The description I gave you before might’ve already tipped you off, however, let’s go into the nitty gritty for a second.

There are many types of turrons. But, for the sake of briefety, and to be completely honest to you the other types are more of a… okay, this is the base pack, all the other ones are DLC that you may or may not like. And also, too much choice often leads to confusion and panic!

Yes, you could try making some Turron at home. But, I am sorry to disappoint, but it probably wouldn’t taste the same as if you bought it. Therefore, here are some links from Amazon from which you can get some.

However, if you live in a country where Turron is very hard to get by, that’s a reasonable option :slight_smile:

If this is your first time trying Turron, you ought to get yourself a chocolate one. It’s by far the most accessible one, so to speak, and it’s so delicious I personally believe the UN should classify it as a drug. And I won’t even try to attempt to describe it to you, a picture is more than enough to convince you that it’s bloody delicious. If you ain’t salivatin’ yet, you gonna be soon :smiley:




However, There are two categories of “classic” Turron:

  • Turron Blando (soft): It’s soft and not as “hard” and crunchy as the other type. To my taste, it’s in between a cake and a regular piece of chocolate. There are many types of Turron blando, thank God (well, more like thank… the Arabs)

The main Turron Blando is…:

  • Turron de Jijona: This turron is mainly characterized by having ground the mixture of almonds with honey, that gives it a pasty texture. It uses honey-ground almonds.

US :



  • Turron Duro (Hard): It’s hard, and not very crunchy to be completely honest to you, however, it definitely has a unique flavor. Not advised if you have problems with you teeth, though!

The main Turron Durro is…:

  • Turron de Alicante: This turron is mainly characterized by the fact that it’s a nougat made with lightly roasted whole almonds, and again, honey.




I deeply encourage you to buy some and try it. Any type of Turron, it doesn’t matter which one you get. Just try it, I’m sure you will love it :smiley:

To me this food means Christmas. This food is the basic element through which I as an individual experience this time of the year.

Hope it becomes a little part of you too :heart:

If you have any questions, feel more than free to ask!


Consider me convinced


Hi there! I currently live in one of your former colonies.

We do have a popular street food here named turon. Its fried banana covered with spring roll wrap glazed with caramelized brown sugar. I love that as a snack particularly if the banana was completely ripe. Bonus if it had sweetened jackfruit in it. Sometimes with sesame seed.

We also have turrones de mani. Which is a weird peanut nougatty treat. It tastes meh, in my opinion but I really dont have much to say about it. Its not bad I guess.


Nevermind random foods though, I want to hear about food you can buy during Misa de Gallo.

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As someone who’s from the part of Spain that didn’t take part in the Colonization Process at all, hi too! (Sorry this just really annoys me :D)

Fried Banana.

The Spanish Empire was a mistake.

Yeah calling this turron to me is sacrilegious :smiley:

It doesn’t look that bad, tbh

Never heard of “Misa de Gallo”…

Edit: Where do you live :)?

Sorry about that, I was meant in a good cultural exchange way. It could be worse you know… You could be German…

I assure you, this tastes good, especially with jackfruit.

No early morning mass (or midnight mass) in a few days before Christmas? Its sort of a big deal here in the Philippines. Its popular to go because people believe that your wish might come true if you attend the early morning masses completely from Dec 16 to Dec 25.

I gained weight just reading this :slight_smile:


It doesn’t offend me, I like to point that out because my region’s connection within Spain to Latin America is 0%, other than the fact that we also speak Spanish, and since I’m from an area where another language is also spoken at the same time, Catalan, that connection therefore sometimes drops into the negatives :smiley:

For example, that mass before Christmas night is called something else in my region, Matines, that’s why I was confused before :slight_smile:

But yeah, as you say, it could be worse.

I had to Google Jackfruit. Now I have to try it out! :smiley:

Of course, Catholic Churches Celebrate and whatnot. But most of the country is irreligious, i.e. they might get baptized or get married in church but other than that, nobody goes to mass or takes the church seriously.

The Philippines, and I’m sorry to say this, is a less developed country and whatnot, so no wonder the Spanish Religious Spirit just like in Latin America is still more alive.

Also, just for your FYI, here in Spain I can bet €100 Euros that at least 80% of the population probably don’t know the Philippines used to be a Spanish colony. The only thing I remember from History Class way back when is that we lost it in 1898, so… I’d advise you to not mention that the Philippines is a former Spanish Colony as a starter topic with Spanish people, especially also considering that from the more intellectual side pretty much all the Spanish Heritage within the country was to a very high certain degree suppressed after the Americans took over the country.

Other than that, would love to try those foods out but they’re made from weird ingredients that are not commonly found in supermarkets over here :frowning:

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Better the devil you know than the one you don’t :wink:

But yeah… you will gain weight after trying this out, by a couple of KGs/lbs…

'cause your stomach won’t suffice with just one tablet :smiley:

One big issue - all those have whole nuts of some sort in them. I have troubled teeth, so eating nuts is not a good thing for me.

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More than understandable and that’s an actual issue when eating Turron, especially, and very particularly, the Duro Variety/de Alicante. Be a tad bit careful about this! :slight_smile:

Therefore, if you’re gonna try out Turron, go for the Blando/de Jijona. It’s not hard at all, it’s actually quite the opposite. As you can see in this image it has a very “pasty” texture, so you’d be fine. Also, in this particular variety, the nuts are squashed beforehand and “disappear” completely into the nougat:

Oh shit…

We have it here also… thank you for reminding me… it was one of my favorite candies when I was a kid :30yoadubs:

Here we call it torrone

but have you guys ever heard of “panettone”?


Spotted the Italian :smiley:


However, we call it Roscon de reyes (Literally, Ring of Kings) and eat it during Epiphany in January.

There’s also a food eating game involved with the consumption of the cake :smiley:

Edit: Oh no the image you posted looked similar enough to the aforementioned dish and actually after googling no.

Will try for sure next time I’m in Milano, looks absolutely delish! I can already imagine it’s taste and texture just from image <3

I’m actually brazilian y’know


but yeah we got a lot of italian words mashed up into our vocabulary

I won’t talk too much about brigadeiro tho

Just like Denis was… Wonder where did he disappeared… :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s not derail too much cause I’m a multi track train drifter

You guys ever heard about rice with raisins?

You know what? I think we should have a Christmass food thread…
I’ll stuff dried peppers with beans, I’ll make cabbage rolls with rice and pork mince, all the greats for Christmass…



Fire it up Pete!

Imma flood you guys with brazilian food

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I will, but then we will need @The_Yuchent to post the recipes there as well :slight_smile:
People can make HYOUGE international Christmas dinner with all kinds of world food…

I promise that I will :slight_smile:


Oh fine…
Tomorrow it is…