Item no longer for sale

I’m thinking about doing a FreeNas + Emby build so I’d like to trade my spare GTX 970 for a 1050 TI or sell it for $180 + shipping.

The Gigabyte GTX 970 Mini for trade or sale has been modded with an Accelero Mono PLUS GPU cooler. The mod works great and the fan keeps the GPU ice cold even below 50% rpm. It should be easy to do a nice overclock with this cooler.

Some notes about the GPU:

  • GPU still works great
  • GPU has never been used for mining. Only Gaming.
  • The GPU can’t power the fan directly. (GPU has different connector). However, I’m including a special cable that allows you to connect the GPU fan to a standard fan header on your motherboard. I usually set the fan to between 30-50% and forget it. You could also use something like a Noctua NA-FC1 if you don’t want to control the fan via software/bios. This is what I’m using currently, but I want to keep my NA-FC1. It’s nifty.

Pictures below. Please let me know if you have any questions. I’d rather do a straight trade, so I set the price so I could easily buy a 1050 TI.

Just GPU for sale. Picture below is how it looked in my old mITX case.


I will be shipping from Chicago.

Also, I think I can get 50% off FedEx shipping via my fiance’s benefits so shipping shouldn’t be too bad in the case someone wants to buy.

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