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Starting a level 3 Computing course at college in September, I really wanna become an IT Technician or a Server Administrator. Has anyone got any suggestions on what I can do in the mean time to prepare? Or any ideas on hobbies they have or things they do which could help? Thanks

Get a job in the field as soon as you can. Doesn't matter too much what. See if your college IT department is hiring, or see if some nearby computer store is hiring techs or whatever, look around, get some entry stuff in.

Getting A+, Network+, etc wouldn't be a bad idea at your level either. These are good for resumes to help you land better early jobs. Higher certs are more meaningful, but these will get you in where you can start, or at least help you get an interview.

I say all this because working at a tech job will often be where you learn the most, and learn the most valuable skills.

Aside from that, I assume you've worked on putting together a computer before? If not, find some parts lying around somewhere and just do that a time or two and try to familiarize yourself with the parts. From there, try to setup a small file server and home network or something. Though, again, depending on a job you get, you might have a better chance to do all this on the job with some guidance and using more meaningful equipment and systems.


you might have to work up to those positions, I fully agree with getting a job as soon as you can. even if it on Evenings/weekends doing Tech support calls. just getting your foot in the door can be the hard part to start with.

Also getting a tech support job could lead to other opportunities in whatever company you work for. I work in the telecom sector and I've seen many people work in tech support for a phone company move up to sysadmin jobs with in that company.


Start at a help desk, you will learn a lot. Ideally, your school. That said, I've even heard that while the pay and the overall situation in regard to working for geek squad sucks, you learn a lot.


thanks, ill look into all of these comments. Thanks for the help everyone :)

build a home lab

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