It’s official, there’s going to be a Dune reboot

And damn, DV is directing pretty much everything right now.

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Oh how fun. Is there no originality left? This is fucking pathetic and I bet it will still make millions. Waste of everyone's time.


Why make a new movie when you can recycle the story and reboot an old one, its a fraction of the cost and will likely make more money anyway. Its very sad we are at this point but it makes perfect business sense to do this, people will flock to the cinema for nostalgic reasons.

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You are right, does not stop this being extremely shitty. I really wish people could organise them selves to stop paying money for this shit. They worked for that money and they waste it on furthering the death of creativity. So done with this existence.

Oh and it is his son sponging off the original work. What a scumbag.

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We are sort of seeing this with video games as well but it isn't as bad right now, I hope it doesn't get to the same place as movies as I'd hate for the majority of games to be reboots, remasters, HD remakes, inb4 4K remakes is a thing as well. At least we have indie movies/games which don't suffer from the same thing.

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Yup, seen it coming for a long time. I do not like it one bit, a sequel fine, a new story good, but recycling the old and changing little while having the nerve to ask money for such tripe? Fuck these people. Fuck this planet for going on with this. Though ultimately I am no better.

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Wounder when Made for TV will be replaced with the phrase Made for Youtube

First movie was awefull
TV series was an abomination
Third time maybe they will actually follow the story and not replace knives and shields with guns and sound weapons!


Maybe we will get a good dune this time, the movie was not that good story wise, also some of the characters were poorly done. The TV show was like the book but was done on the cheap.

Maybe this will be good story and good visual with good actors! Maybe it'll be like jodorowskys dream!!

Smiles with hope
tear runs down face do to knowing that is impossible now a days

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I would love to see a tv show or a movie or an anime series that isn't either a reboot or a cliche'd rip-off of something else.

It makes me half want to dedicate my life to making stuff that people would like, but at the same time, I recoil at that stuff because that kind of career would invariably leave me poor, depressed, constantly stressed and without a family. And the audience I target wouldn't even watch it anyway because I'd be Mr. Literally Who. They'd be too busy watching their Avengers and Sex and the City and Dune reboots.

So I turn to computers.

And weep for my civilization.

why not make a movie about the other 20 book from the dune universe

Never thought i'd see so much negativity out of a thread for a famous sci-fi classic. Have you guys really become this cynical? Just because they remake a movie doesn't mean it's the last death-rattle of modern day Rome. Remember when they announced Batman was going to be rebooted by Christopher Nolan, and everyone groaned like they got punched in the groin because "oh god another one? i don't want to see more bat nipples!" Then everyone was absolutely blown away with the Batman reboot. I don't think there's anything wrong with rebooting source material that's outlived the generation that incepted it. I challenge you to find anyone younger than 25 who has seen the original Dune, or harder yet find someone who's read the book under 25. I'll grant there's a good chance that this probably won't do the book any favors, but hey nobody expected Batfleck to be any good either. Besides even if it is mediocre how many more people will be inspired to seek out the original to compare it to, or even read the book to see the difference. I know plenty of people who relish comparing a reboot and it's source to see which is better.

tl;dr i dont think it's the end of the world that a story is repackaged and retold to a new generation. This has been done since literally the dawn of oral history.

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Perhaps we're overthinking it in general. There are only so many morality tales to be told. Most everything we see today is a derivative of gilgamesh or other ancient texts. What if this is the limit? What part of dune was unique in the first place?

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The problem is the Dark Knight Trilogy was one bright point in many many fails. Look at all the recent reboots that have been...well shit.

Superman (basically anything DC at this point.)

The problem is that there are too many compromises made and not enough attention paid to detail. Or rewriting HUGE swaths of the story because today's audiences "won't get it."

I think our knee jerk reaction of "yep it's crap" is justified. If a reboot proves itself...then that's different. We are way past the point of giving things the benefit of the doubt simply because a good director was brought on board.