Issues with Three monitors

Hello All,


i have three monitors off of my 660. When i start games it will start and then will minimize and go back to the desktop back ground. i have to quit and then restart multiple times to get the game to stay up so that i can play. This happens with many games, and i cannot figure it out. When i install drivers the monitors will also turn off, and not come back on. I will have to restart and then it will work correctly. I was reading about passive and active adapters but i am using two DVI and one HDMI. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

2 DVI + 1 HDMI is not possible. HDMI and DVI run off the same controller.  How are you outputting this?

Well it should work with 2 DVI and 1 HDMI, i've got tons of buddies who run multiple monitors with different connections.  If you have a display port connector, i would look into buying a display port hub which can handle multiple monitors.  As far as i'm known u can handle up to 4 1080p displays off of 1 single port all running @ 60hz.

It doesn't really sound like it's connection issue, but more driver related issues, u might have to reinstall the drivers from scratch.  Try doing a driver sweeper and deleting everything nvidia, then installing fresh new up-to-date install.  If that doesn't work, u might have to calibrate stereoscopic 3d, i know they have some settings that adjust to screen switching with the mouse.  On multi displays when you move ur mouse to the next screen it may do some funky stuff.  Well, i hope that helps.

ipat8 i can see where you may be coming from, but trust me i have two DVI and one HDMI. Any way, Thanks for the suggestion mafisometal, i may just have to look into the stereo settings. i do have the one displayport to use on the card, but i lack the funds for other monitors.

Have you tried setting your background to a lower resolution and then playing your game in 1080p? Strikes me as a bit much to ask of a 660 to run three monitors plus a game at 1080p. Plus maybe check your game settings lower them.

Now that is just not true. 2 DVI + 1 HDMI is the EXACT setup im using right now to run 3 monitors. This is on a GTX 760. 

When i can get the game up and running i can usually watch a movie on another screen and it works smoothly. but i just cant put my thumb on this one.