Issues with AMD A10 vs VGA monitors

Hello Dear anyone who reads this!


I am having issues with the amd A10 apu platform when using vga monitors.

This is my second build around the a10 and they seem to behave the same.

When I start the PC and install os, plus the first couple of hours of usage I have no problems at all, but after a short while whenever i start the PC it starts to Flash the screen. Actually it's turning the display on and off.

At my first build it was not a problem as the guy had digital monitor so using dvi cable instead of vga solved the problem, but this case it's going to be used with an old crt display.

Are there any fix for this? I am guessing some driver issue (as in bios and loading it's working fine and if I reinstall windows it works again for a while) but I installed the latest ones so I don't know what to do now. I Googled my issue but I could not find a solution.

pc details:

MB:Asrock FM2A85X extreme 4, CPU:AMD 10 680k, RAM:2x4GB kingston hyperX 2400mhz, PSU:crsair vs450 

If someone could help me with this I would be really thankful!

Maybe a driver issue, however go and check the power saving options within windows. Try turning any power saving off. 

does not help at all, but thanks.