Issue with public IP address

My sisters public IP address changes from time to time so I have to keep asking her to go check what the new one is, so I can update hostname IP. Is there a way around this without having to get a static public IP address from ISP?

Whats your setup?

Is this a public domain name you want to keep up to date or a local name? How do you manage it justnow?

If you have a computer of any kind running 24/7 you can use a service like No-IP to have said IP always reachable to a domain defined by you. There’s only one “bad” thing about it: you only have three domains available and you have to “confirm” those every 30 days. Other than that it’s a pretty good service that hase been doing good for me.

I assume public since I am accessing from outside the network. I’ve a hostname setup with No-IP but I keep having to adjust the hostname to match the public IP every month or so. Is this just part of the parcel for not paying for a static IP?

I already use this but the ISP changes the public IP every so often and I have to go change the IP of the hostname on No-IP.

If you install the No-IP software on your computer that will update the IP for you and you’re not going to need to do it manually anymore. I have my server updating it every 30 minutes and I’ve had 0 downtime.

I’ll try that, thanks.