Issue with Boot [email protected]#$

So a while back I installed my OS onto my 120gb Evo SSD, and had a second 250gb Evo SSD, and a 1tb mass storage drive. Somehow I messed up, and the second 250gb storage SSD is seen on my sata area in BIOS and its set to AHCI, but my primary 120gb boot drive is still IDE. When I go into Advanced and check my sata settings, only the 250gb SSD is there, so I went to boot priority and saw the the 250gb SSD, and my HDD are both p1's, but the ssd is p2. I have a z77 Sabertooth mobo, so you can imagine what you see when you go to Advanced and Sata config, it shows yuou all the devices like Sata Black 1 and so on, or Sata Brown. AHCI is enabled up top, then it shows my 250gb SSD enabled and its there, but my other SSD is not. Should I just go in my PC and switch the sata cables from my 250gb to the 120gb boot drive so its in p1 and visable, allowing it to be AHCI? I know if I install an OS on a drive with IDE enabled I may have to do a clean install if the registry trick doesn't work, but my sata config setting has always been AHCI, its just not showing under there.