Issue logging into windows 7

Hello all, new to forums, tho Ive lurked a bit and watch the channel alot :P Anyway recently my laptop is refusing to log into windows. It boots fine then when I type in my password it says "Welcome" with the spinning circle and just sits there, the HDD light is active for a few secs then stops. Its not freezing as I am able to hit caps lock and the light goes on and off. Also it boots into safe mode just fine, Ive looked into the event viewer but Ill admit im not that great at figuring stuff out that way. any help would be appreciated.

Not sure if this is the best way to share but heres the event viewer file

Thanks for posting your Event Viewer log!. This should go a long way in helping you solve the problem.

Hmm, I just skimmed the file, and I see a lot of messages about services being unable to start. Have there been any services disabled? Were there any changes made to the system right before this started happening?

Also, you know you could've just edited your post to add the link. There was no need to double post.

Looking in the services window there are a few that are disabled, but I havent gone in and done it myself, so im not sure if they are supposed to be or not.

I would say get a Windows 7 boot drive or disc and use that to run the repair tool that is on it. See if that helps.

hmm there was a internet one that was disabled that by looking at the description seems it should have been enabled and now it just booted up fine :\ Hopefully that fixed it, it sometimes works and sometimes doesnt, so annoying XD

That's good, you're getting somewhere. Monitor it and see if the symptoms are still present. You can check out Black Viper's services guide (down at time of post, to the rescue!) and see if anything has been changed from default. If that doesn't help, you can run System File Checker, explained below. You should also do malware scans. Make sure you're clean and nothing is messing with your settings.

Yeah, some are disabled by default...unless this computer is shared with someone else? With this information, I feel confident in suggesting running System File Checker. Not sure if this is exactly what MrChumps was thinking.

You said you can log-in in safe mode, good! Open a command prompt as administrator (Right-click icon > Run as Administrator) and type:

sfc /scannow

This may take some time, so find something to do. You may be asked to insert the installation disc, so have it on hand, just in case it needs it to repair any files. As always, have a backup of your data before performing maintainence. We're not responsible for any data loss. Protect it at all costs!

Thanks alot! Im not to worried about files, im currently mid move and I got this laptop for free from a friend a while back and just use it to play games when I cant use my desktop :P

No problem! Let us know when the problem completely stops, and update the title with a [Solved] tag once it is. Oh wait, we have actual tags now, right?

will do, ill see how it does tomm then change it XD

Ok so it was working for a few days then did it again, i tried the other stuff suggested, went threw and double checked all the services, and then it would boot but the wireless wouldnt work. So reinstalling the driver fixed that, and it worked for 1 night and now its back to not getting past login again :\ posting new log

I don't see anything particularly different from the first log. You used System File Checker before?

i had not used it till this last time, but it found no problems :\