Is using a cracked version of Windows after previously purchasing it unethical?

I would like some opinions on this. Is it really bad to use a cracked version of Windows after you have already purchased it? Same goes for things like Microsoft Office. I would like to run Linux on my hardware and run Windows in a VM, but to do this legally I would need to re-buy both Windows and Office for writing school papers. This "one time use" software is really annoying.

What you can do is install Libre office. It's like good old office 2003

I forget what kind of file Libre office saves documents as but do you know if Word can read them. Same for Power Point type of files? That's the problem I would have, teachers at my school wouldn't even touch Libre office because they don't know what it is.

Or install Office 2007 *cough*

The most popular version I have seen, especially with broke people in school. Windows has changed, but Office has never really changed. How many different ways can you create a powerpoint, or even create a program that allows you to type stuff out?

I wouldn't consider using cracked version of windows unethical regardless of circumstances.

I don't see microsoft trying to improve user experience of their desktop OS so I don't feel bad for not giving them money.

Dont bother about a vm - libreoffice or openoffice in linux is just fine> save as... whatever format you like - fully compatible with ms office. ppt, .docx, xls, they're all supported. imho openoffice is nicer to use than ms office.

Call them ask them to reuse that key

i use a cracked version of windows 7 am i a bad girl now? lol xD