Is this Watercooling Unit worth the money?

Hey guys,

i want to buy the MSI 970A-G43 wit the AMD FX 8350 Octa-Core Prozessor.

This is my first try with a watercooled pc so please be nice to me ^^.

I would like to cool the CPU this watercooling unit Alphacool Eisberg 240 CPU(

and as i told you, i got no experience with watercooling, but a few questions:

1. Is this watercooling unit worth the money?

2. Is it able to cool the CPU in any situations (gaming, benchmarks, ...)?


3. Will it be more or less quit?


Thanks in advance guys.

Greetings from germany



I have little to no experience with water cooling. Though I do hear the term "You get what you pay for a lot". I haven't heard much about Alphacool, but this seems great.

So guys, i bought this watercooling unit and i want to give you some feedback about it.
The cooling performance is quite good but the pump is really noisy. I sold it to a friend and i bought the Enermax Liqtech 120X. The colling performance is about the same but its a lot quiter.