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Is this VLAN possible? (three connections to one server)

Hello all,

I’m very unfamiliar with VLAN’s, but I wonder if something like this is even possible? I’m just trying to save me some headaches later, if it’s just too complicated and I’m simply not mentally equipped! Cheers in advance! :smiley: :+1: :smiley:

P.S. Sorry it’s back to front, with the internet feed right to left!

if your NIC (networkcard) in the TrueNAS server supports it…yes.

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By isolated you mean just isolated like Vlan1 vs Vlan2 right?

Instead of having two connections to the TrueNAS server, just have one and then plug both switches into each other.

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Thank you @TheVault :+1:

Thank you for reading :+1:

Yes, sort of. I’m hoping that I can connect to the Server, but that others can too (ACL’s apply).

I missed out a big point, very sorry. The isolated network switch is SFP+ only and located in a separate building.

It’s funny how experienced peoples comments make you re-think stuff, that’s knowledge though! Thank you! :+1:

My over all concept is to keep my work and play separate, so no one can use the wifi and somehow get into my work network, if you see what I mean?

Your diagram is fine, run multiple VLANs over the same cable as tagged traffic (Cisco calls this trunk) or as mixed tagged+untagged (as long as only one vlan is untagged for obvious reason - how does a device differentiate between two vlans if they both show up looking like untagged traffic).

That would allow you to have work wifi(or network) at home and home wifi(or network) in the office - and guest wifi (probably yet another vlan) in both - … if you so wish.

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everything is okay but if you are looking for segmentation use another Vlan other than 1. t is important to understand the significance of VLAN 1. By default, all switch ports are part of VLAN 1. VLAN 1 contains control plane traffic and can contain user traffic. It is recommended that user traffic be configured on VLANs other than VLAN 1, primarily to prevent unnecessary user broadcast and multicast traffic from being processed by the Network Management Processor (NMP) of the supervisor.

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Thank you Risk, I’m hoping that I can tag fixed ports and then use those for wifi AP’s , which also has VLAN options, though it’ll be interesting whether or not they play well with the switch VLANs. :+1: I’ll certainly be having a guest wifi, as most users that visit, aren’t too bothered about security. Also, fortunately I’m not likely to need access to my secure® nextwork via wifi, to start with at least!

Thank you very much for that ferg :+1: That’s very helpful info

I’ve bought a few Unifi AP’s and a while back bought a Unifi Gateway, though I’m aware that it can have limited abilities compared to PFSense. I was going to see if it does the job, and sell if it doesn’t. I’ve installed the Unifi controller S/W on the TrueNAS machine, works very well, though it seems to have a similar issue to Plex, in that it doesn’t update very well. With Plex, I found some very useful commands that do update Plex with the latest version, perhaps a similar solution is available for the Unifi Controller - though if it ain’t broke, etc. Thanks again! :clap: :clap: