Is this sound card worth using?

Ok i have a sound card lying around in a pc i don't use and i was thinking of pulling it to use in my main rig,but it is an older card and i would like to know if it is better than the onboard audio of my newer mobo.

This is the mobo i am using:

And this is the sound card:

Also to be able to hook up the front panel i would have to pick up this from ebay:

Is it worth it?

no $30 sound card is worth, creative has bad drivers stick with asus

get a xonar sound card

Well i don't have much in the way of money,and i already have the creative sound card cause it was in a pc that was givin to me by my uncle,and all i would end up spending is $5 on the adapter so i could connect the front panel.

Would it be better than what i have now till i can afford to get a good sound card? or should i just stick with the onboard?

onboard, has a higher freq range, about the same signal to noise ratio too

ya I would stick with on board sound untill you can buy something better. I don't think you'll be happy with that card.

I would go with this one... ASUS Xonar Essence STX Virtual 7.1

or if its out of your price this is the best $75-$100 sound card i found * Requires a floppy drive power connector

I have the Audigy SE 7.1 Surround Sound Card, its not to bad of a card, but Windows 7 Drivers aren't all that well developed

Get the soundcard, if you have a really great, expensive speaker setup or an awesome, professional-grade headphone. Otherwise it's a total waste, cause most onboard sound chips perform extremely well today. Unless there's a particular reason why your onboard sound card is crap.

^^ you really dont know a difference for having one and not having one

>Best signal to noise ratio

>High fidelity

>No load on the CPU, as it's contained within the sound chipset

This is a short summary of what audiophiles think. Do you have one BTW? If so, try to give me you thoughts...

Destroyed actually makes an excellent point, soundcards are only worth it if you have quite high end headphones/speakers. Onboard sound is perfect for most uses.

Well if it helps i here is what i am running:

Logitech X-530 5.1 Speaker System,I also have 2 different headsets,and don't much care for them they are a Turtle Beach X12,and a Logitech G35, i am also planing on getting a better headset when i can afford to and i have been looking into getting a steelseries Siberia V2 .

Alright... since you have a vast consumer grade computer speaker system and the headsets; while those are tad high quality ones, even that Steelseries one you said you want to buy, I'd say stick with onboard, unless you're doing alot of multimedia productivity (listening, editing). But if you still want to have a shot to be amongst the audiophiles, it's recommended to check the reviews on each soundcard. Normally, I'd stay away from anything by Creative (what giga said), since many people have been complaining of major driver issues. Auzentech, Asus and HT Omega have been popular so far.


Yea stick with onboard till you can get something better

The Asus Xonar DX is the card I would start looking at if I were you. If you want to go big (trust me you will notice it) get the Xonar STX.

Use the sound card since you already have it, which some people here seemed to miss. The difference between a sound card and integrated sound is like the difference between a integrated GPU on the motherboard and a discrete GPU. Integrated sound chips are not great at all. For one, you get tons of interference since there are so many traces and other chips so close to the sound chip on the motherboard. Dedicated sounds cards eliminate that entirely, regardless of how high or low end the card is.