Is this power supplie good enough

hey i dont know is this power supplie is good enough for this rig i could not find the case but it a antec R519BK black whit a 500W power supplie incluted

the reste of the parts

the garfique card said it minimum requirement is 500W so is 500W power supplie enough

tansk in avance


    I am afraid the link you provided shows nothing in the page. Generally speaking when minimum system requirements are stated they are just that, minimum. Personally I prefer to go a little higher as having more is defiantly better than not having enough.

Try this -

ok would this power supplie be good enough

im on a buject of a max of 590$

Everyone else here agrees with this

I don't know about the quality of rosewill. I trust Corsair, Seasonic, Antec and a few others. Corsair has a good budget line. The builder series. I would aim for AT LEAST 600 watts if 500 is the minimum. You might wanna go with a Cx650 or 750.

Get the Corsair CX500 like EvanFireheart suggested. 

When looking for a PSU check the amps available per +12v rail/s. It's not exaclty necessary to get the minimum wattage requirement since the 7870s use around 140W (170MAX) and need atleast 30 amps available to a +12v rail *and 2x6pins*, and the CX500 delivers [email protected]+12V which is more than enough for you. They just use a recommended minimum for computers that are more power hungry as well as less efficient PSUs

  Logan was just saying there are actually only a few actual manufactures of PSUs. Everyone gets the items they want in their PSU and put their name on it. It is like appliance manufactures. As an example the Whirlpool Corporation makes Inglis, Admiral, Kitchen Aid, Maytag, Jenn Air, and so on.

  The 80+ bronze certification is very important to keep you power clean. CiCi is correct with the importance of power control on a single 12V rail. Again, it was just my opinion; however I always prefer to go a little higher with my power supplies.