Is This PC Alright?

Is this PC any good? I'm planning to use it for light programming in college and some decent gaming as well. I hate how I downloaded some games on my laptop but I'm not able to play some of them because I don't have a dedicated graphics card. My budget is $600-800 but I would like it to be as cheap as possible. I am probably going to be doing a bit of moving so an matx or mitx case would be ideal. I'm planning to try installing Sabayon for my OS because I don't want to pay for Windows and saw that Sabayon was a beginner friendly linux distro from another post (I'm not good with linux). So any suggestions or comments would be nice :D thanks!

That looks pretty decent. However:

-nVidia driver support is horrible in Linux (at least from what I've heard - I may be wrong). I'd look at getting an R7 265 if possible. It should be retailing at the same price as the 750 Ti but will have better performance.

-I'd look at getting an AMD CPU such as an FX 6300 instead of the i3 simply because it's a 6-core vs a dual core.

-Are you really in need of an SSD? It will make your boot times and overall system responsiveness better, but it's $80 you're not sinking into a better graphics card.


Thanks for the suggestions! I'll take a look at the performance of the fx6300 and the r7 265. Hmm...but I've been hearing bad driver support for ati cards on linux. I am really confused now

From what I know the 6300 is better than the i3's. I think it's somewhere between i3's and i5's depending on what it's been tested on.

With the new generation of games the extra cores on the 6300 may be useful, if that's what you're interested in.