Is This OverKill?

This is the pc:

I didn't read, my bad


if you have the funds then go ahead. otherwise if not then this build will be overkill.what is it that you are looking to do with this build in the end? what is your primary goal for these components?

That build was just a joke, I wanted to see what people said. Here are the parts I am actually trying to get:

Nope, you might be able to get high on Minesweeper but you won't be able to get Ultra or AA.

Still overkill, games don't require that much power, you could do with like a 1,5K system for simple text-based games.

Yes its overkill.  An I7 is a good choice but theres so much more from AMD for the price. $1000 CPU is crazy.  And why so many case fans? You putting your PC in the oven or something?

Even at the 2k build.. I have to ask... really the 350D.... Atleast go 750D...

As of now, no program would really use all the power.

Pretty sure the recommended specs of solitaire is atleast 4 Xeons.

$100 for windows is overkill.