Is this normal temp for corsair h90 with 4790k?

I wanted to know if these temperatures were normal for using pre-applied thermal paste that came with the radiator.

This processor has been overclocked by the overclocking wizard in the bios

About 43 to 47 Celsius at minimum temperature

And 63 Celsius at 100% load

Seems about right. Temps are expected to be high if you're using pre-determined OC settings. The people who create these kinds of software overcompensate for the worst CPU in the silicon lottery. The voltage is usually higher than what it needs to be. I recommend you manually set the voltage and cpu multiplier. There's tons of overclocking guides on the web. Do some quick google-fu to find a guide specific to your hardware.

thanks for the info. i am waiting on g.skill ram with xmp to overclock. i just got 1333mhz with total of 16gb

yup those temps are totaly fine. ☺

yeah since they went 22nm and in future you will notice bigger temps because of 'quantum leaks'. There's lower threshold before (heat/leak) it occurs...

i change the fan profile to "turbo" and it runs much cooler with min temp at 34 degrees.