Is this Mother board good for gaming?

I am looking for a cheap motherboard 75 or less. That can support 32gb of RAM and has 2 pci e slots. I think i found one but i don't know if it is any good. I also need it to be compatible with a AMD FX 4130 without a bios flash.

MSI 970A-G46 AMD 9 Series Motherboard

If it sucks please recommend a better one. 


Ya it looks good.  If you have not bought the cpu yet I would recommend the fx 4300 or fx 6300 

Looks like a fine mobo. Wouldnt expect it to OC very far though, looks a tad weak on power distrabution.


Have you bought the cpu yet?

Nope but it fits my budget.

Whys do you need 32 gb of ram?


I don't now but maybe in the future.

For general use you would be off much better with just 8 gb of ram, Spend the money you would've otherwise spent on 24gb of unnecessary RAM on a better motherboard/cpu/psu. The 970 line does have 2 pci-e 16x 2.0 slots but one is 16x and the other is 4x so you wouldn't benefit that much by crossfiring/sli'ing on those.
Please correct me if i'm wrong but i think im right about this.

It has two pci e slots. I just wanted a MOBO that was some what future proof. I heard somewhere on the forums that AMD will use the AM3+ socket for a couple more years.I will probably upgrade to a 8-core in the near future.