Is This Monitor Worth $250?

This Acer monitor is on sale on Newegg and Amazon currently. I've been seeing some negative reviews on it on various pages but also some positive ones. I most likely won't be using 3D vision and I'm only considering this because it's the cheapest 120hz monitor. Any input would be appreciated. 

Acer is not the greatest when it comes to quality, and from looking at the specs it's totally not worth the price. 

You don't think that 120hz and the option of 3D would be worth it? Also, what is wrong with their monitors? I haven't owned one myself but they don't sound too bad.

They aren't terrible, they typically just feel cheap and the plastic surround looks cheap as well, the display itself is fine, if a little on the overly backlit side.

No I don't think it's worth it. 3D gaming is a gimmick that most gamers don't care for. You said yourself that you will not be using it for 3D gaming. Plua for the price, it's not even LED backlit.