Is this common on FreeNas "cannot receive incremental stream: dataset is busy.."?

Hi all,

New alerts:
* Replication "Backup xcpng_data to freenas-backup" failed: send from @auto-20220121.0000-2w to big-primary/[email protected] estimated size is 75.8K
send from @auto-20220121.0000-2w to big-primary/[email protected] estimated size is 75.8K
cannot receive incremental stream: dataset is busy..

Any ideas about this? it eventually resolves itself but a common occurrence.

Thanks M

cc @wendell @SgtAwesomesauce

I’ve never run into this before and all the research I’ve seen has been from 2013-ish, which apparently has since been fixed.

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I’d admit, my FreeNAS install is pretty dated, probably last updated ~2018. It’s fully “functional”, and my reason for not touching it since.

The issue is that I heavily rely on the primary node (for work etc), and taking it offline, running through and update and potential issues poses further challenges also related to the pandemic, inability to source most things (for reasons affecting my country etc.).

Anyways, thanks @SgtAwesomesauce - at least I know that this can be solved.

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I don’t think it was patched after 2018. I don’t remember the details of this issue, but I’m fairly confident the trouble posts and resolutions I saw for similar issues were patched prior to 2018.

I would absolutely consider attempting an upgrade (OS upgrade, that is). IIRC, freenas upgrades are perfectly rollback-able, so it should be a minimal risk.

If you’re still on GELI Encryption it might be worth considering to redo your pool.

There’s a lot of Quality of Life Improvements in what’s now TrueNAS Core, so you’ll benefit from upgrading in the medium term.