Is this bottlenecking?

case: white Bitfelix Prodigiy 

motherboard: MSI Fm2-a76ia-e95

cpu: amd a10-6800k 4.1-4.4ghz

memory: 8gb 1600mhz ram

gpu: powercolor 7850 2gb 256bit

HDD: 650hd and 320hd

power supply: cx750m watts 80 bronzes plus  

3x 120mm fans

No, you will be completely ine.

Nope, not at all, but why the oversized PSU?


430w should be fine, 530w should cover the system and have some head room

rosewill green series is my personal favorite, capstone, tachyon and fortress are good too, stay away from stallion, xtreme or no name series

I hear lower end cosair PSUs have coil whine issues but I'm not an expert on that