Is this a good upgrade plan?

Hey guys!

So I'm currently thinking about slowly upgrading my PC. This is my config at the moment:

Asus M4A77TD ProAMD Phenom II x6 1050T 2.8GHz - Cooled with some sort of Zalman coolerKingston HyperX 1600MHz 8GBEVGA GTX580 1.5GB,

And this is what I'm thinking of buying: 

Define R4 caseAsus M5A99X EVO 2x ADATA 120GB SSD Extra 8GB of the same ramCorsair H100i. 

Now, my plan is to overclock the CPU up to 4GHz to prevent any bottle-necking. But will that be enough? And is that a good setup or am I doing something terribly wrong here?
I'm going to use this mostly for editing and 3D renders which is why I thought more ram could come in useful. 

Thanks :)

I'd say no problem :P

Get an AMD Piledriver CPU like the 6300 instead of the liquid cooling and cool it with a Cooler Master 212 EVO.


I don't even see a reason to upgrade, man. Apart from what Spenlard said, your system is pretty solid. Maybe you could upgrade your cooler -- mess around with some  crazy OC'ing?