Is this a good power supply?

I have the Antec Quattro 850w, awesome, right price, and never failed me.

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me likey

zalman or coolermaster PSU's are the best out there (for their price)

if you want the best of the best take enermax PSU's :)

I think it looks good. I don't have a problem with OCZ, I had two of them, they still work fine.

i have the corsair tx750w and it does what its supposed to. A lot of wires to hide though :/

I have the coolermaster 700w modular and it works like a treat plus coolermaster always underate there psu for example the psu could possibly handle up to 900 watts but rate it at 700 just so it lasts for ages

Get Corsair or PC Power & Cooling imo.

My Chill Innovation 700w (Danish) PSU is lovely!

Otherwise, Corsair PSU's have a strong single-rail, and good quality.

looks good but dont think the rebates gonna work. get a real power pro 750watt psu from the cm store refurbished for $55

Can't go wrong with a TX750.

I already bought the tx 750 watt
you can close this thread

thanks for all the help guys

ocz psus are good, and have nice warranties. If the thing fails you can just send it in, but that psu does seem nice

ocz. so many people can argue against that. They're utter crap, horrbile customer service, and rebates that never work.