Is this a good power supply?

I heard a lot of mixed reviews on OCZ psu many say they are really good many say they suck

I wouldnt trust, or take any chances.

try this

xigmatek psu? really never heard of anyone with those

i've only had antec psu's. I heard that the corsair psu however are amazingly awesome

yea the corsair psus are something man those things are amazeing

but i have a generic 600 watt psu right now been running fine 24/7 for almost 2 years now

i guess its a luck thing

The xigmatek seems type hot:
-Blue led
-Modular Design (partly)
-18amps on 12v Rails
-87% efficiency

But I dunno and if your not sure, I'm feeling the corsairs I'm gonna buy the 1000watt one, as an alternative I would take this:

You got enough cables there to tie up your whole family wit. I 'm figuring you got a mid to fullsize case so this wouldn't be too much of a pain to hide. 80% efficiency, good pricing, nice amperage 60amp single rail 12v son you good to go.

i was looking at that too
I wanted something modular
Im probably going with the cooler master storm scout
I was going to get the new modular one but its too expensive

Yeah, I'm jus throwing it out there as a backup if you can't find anything decent.Â

Do you think modular psu's supply the power better to components then the ready wired psu's? I'm always thinking about that, but yeah I'd prolly go modular too, coolmaster is another one I trust.

go with that corsair... it has everything you need.

get a good psu that will last you years
this pos psu im using now doesnt have enough amps for my 295 so i cant play crysis without my comp shutting off
get the corsair and ull be a happy nazi

George. Wait. The HX750 and HX850 is already out. just not in newegg yet. give it like 2 more days

$170 for the HX750
fucking expensive
I was looking at $120 for a psu
I mean I know its probably better in the long run but
A psu with the same wattage for 50 bucks less is probably almost as good

my 750TX is on the way
those new corsair power supplies must've really put the pressure on to sell TX models..

100$ canadian after M.I.R. on NCIX ...GREAT DEAL

i also ordered enough parts to complete my second build that i can hopefully sell at a good price...

im mostly looking forward to the ASUS XONAR 7.1 low pro ....

if your getting a new case just get the combo PSU it comes with.

50 bucks off plus a rebate is not too shabby

but i would still stick with corsair. you are gonna have to pay more for modular which doesnt seem worth it.

holy shit
900 watt psu with the cooler master scout for $230
I need to convince my parents now!

thanks for this bro

Freaking hell... that same offer at ebuyer with the scout and 900W psu in the uk is like £220! u guys get stuff so freakin cheap, WTB

it would of been hilarious of you said Bloody hell

i have used the ocz gamexstream version for 8 months and no problems what so ever so far