Is this a good apu

Hi i was wondering if this apu is good for gaming and what fps i would get from games such as dayz and bf3

There is no link to the APU. I would recommend the A10 5800k, as it is fast and has fairly nice graphics. But I would also recommend waiting to see what AMD does with Richland.

sorry i meant to put the amd 5800k when doyou think the richland will be out

Check out the AMD A8-3870K APU.  You can get 30 FPS on Battlefield 3.,3140.html

if i got the a8 what would be agood gpu thats cheap to go with it



-Slaps head with hand- plz for the love of +++ stop recommending APUs for gameing 

How much is your budget for a gaming pc?

APUs are for web surfing mini boxes and out of date consoles

I recommend the Radeon HD 7850.  It's only $200, maxs out all the graphics, and plays games well over 60 FPS.  People say that you can get better performance from more expensive GPUs though.

I'm sure an APU isn't a bad idea if you also got a separate video card.  The A8-3870K is a quad-core 3.0GHz APU, which is just as good as a gaming CPU but cheaper.

any cheaper

any cheaper


That kinda makes the APU useless, and you would be better off getting that card and a Phenom II X4 965BE with a Gigabyte 970A UD3 motherboard. If you are getting a current generation APU and you want to use dual graphics (which uses the APU's build in graphics in hybrid crossfire with a dedicated card) then the highest card you can do that with is the Radeon HD 6670. Hence why if you are considering a card of that expense that is does not benefit you to get anything socket FM1 or FM2. Because the CPU cores are really, really weak by comparison.

^^^ you cant crossfire a 7850 with a apu need a 6670 if you what to crossfire a apu 

Get an AM3 board, like the MSI 970A-G46 with a Phenom II X4 965BE and an AMD Radeon HD 7770, also from MSI (but not the GHz one, try to find the OC version instead.) This board supports crossfire and that card supports it as well. When games stop being pretty, add another card. It should be capable of playing many games at 1080p with medium settings and low filters, it will play almost all of them at 720p with high settings.

Sometime between quarter 2 and 3. They haven't made any official release date announcements, so not until at least late in quarter 2 (which would be sometime around july at the earliest.)

what kind of a build could i do with a bitfenix prodigy for around $400

Hmm... But APU's do serve a purpose in some cases, although I do have to agree that they aren't quite powerful enough for most mainstream gamers to consider recommending them. Although they do actually have some really impressive graphics for the amount of room that they had to stuff it.

It would be a waste of that case to put an APU in it. I'm not an intel fanboy, but unless you plan on going that route, it isn't worth it to use that case. Find something nice and ATX form-factor. Building for m-ITX is expensive if you want quality.

yeah all i need now is a gpu and cpu

Did you already purchase the Bitfenix Prodigy? If so, I should tell you that it is NEVER a good idea to buy your case before your internals.

RIght now, the best APU is the AMD A10-5800K . Can play BF3 at 720p low settings at 40 fps. 

But, I advise you wait till the AMD Richland APU's come out.