Is this a good $500 build for switching from console?

Feel free to critique anything here! 

Depends on what you expect out of it. It will look Better than PS3 and xbox 360 by a long ways. That case only has one 120mm fan in it. Got Thermal Grease for it?

You can get some great deals on 7870s these days.

Hey man, just did some looking around and I think you might be a little happier with this. Let me know what you guys think.

That's an awesome price. I just havent had very good luck with PowerColor. Add that to my build! haha

I would steer clear of the super low end AM3+ boards if I were you, there is a heap of issues that you may run into, including VRM overheating.

Changed it to a better reviewed Asus board. Hard to find anything with a 970 chipset in a micro atx form factor.