Is this a good 450$ PC

Buying a computer on the 17th and i want to make sure this is a good build please help

I would go with an APU and add a GPU later.  I don't like that processor, especially with a cheap motherboard like that.

razethew0rld suggested this motherboard in one of his videos and what if i upgraded to a amd fx6300 


That 760 chipset motherboard is a very limited board in terms of features and it may not be a good match for the FX-6300 when comes to adequate power delivery. For a 6300 you'd need a decent 970 chipset board. The FX-4130 is not very good, there are better options out there for this price range.

For your budget I'd recommend starting with something like this based on the FM2+ socket: 

You can play most games on the APU at low to medium settings and add a good mid-range GPU later on. This build will also allow you to upgrade to the new Kaveri APU/CPU's expected to be released this year.

If you want to do a build on the AM3+ socket (FX-6300) you'll have to find another case that can fit a full ATX motherboard because there are no 970 chipset micro-ATX motherboards currently on the market.


Forgot to mention; you'll have to allow for a larger budget to get started on the AM3+ socket because it will require a discreet GPU as well.

i really don't want to get an apu build because i am sick of lag in general. So if you could help me out and show me a list of what you would get. NOT AN APU in a 550-600 dollar computer. The price includes the operating system

$450 pc? that what you listed is $600 ....

and yeah a 450$ without operating system

also i think i will raze my budget to 600 with operating system 

How does this look?


ok i have my build now the only thing i might change is the graphics card. So final question what is better a 7790 or a 650 ti. 

Heres the build |

is the 7790 better then a 650 ti


Get a used Phenom and a half-decent board. The board you chose is known for MOSFET failiure... ie the board goes bang, leaves a burining smell and sometimes catches on fire.

This really is your best bang-for-buck at your price range

^That will certainly get you performance per dollar, but only for the time being. It is however limited on features and upgrade-ability. 

This is $550 without OS but it will allow you to upgrade to Kaveri or other future FM2+ CPU's without having to replace the motherboard. Also supports crossfire.