Is this a decent mobo for a fx 8350

hey my mates got a fx 8350 and hes seen this mobo on offer and im wondereing on is it a decent on and can he oc on it?

I would go for a 990fx board.
Before I heared of Zen, I was planning on getting the Asrock-990FX-EXTREME9.

i was telling him to but hes not got much money so hes trying to get the best mobo for a low price

What's the purpose of this build? How long is it expected to be used for? What's important to whoever's going to be using it (gaming, rendering, streaming, editing, business, writing, internet surfing, etc?) Do you have any numbers when it comes to budget? With a little more info it'd be easier to find the right solution for the situation.

hes a streamer and streams regularly and hes to see how much he gets from a refund which may be around £62

I just got one of these. It's nice.

Most streaming software is going to stress the cpu more than usual. How much depends on the system and software, but an 8350 can definitely do the job well enough.

As for overclocking on that motherboard, the vrm probably won't be enough to handle anything substantial and I personally wouldn't recommend trying to outdo the turbo clock. Especially if he's not reasonably confident he knows what he's doing with that chip set.

If your friend wants to get his system into a comfortable configuration for regular streaming, I'd try my best to get him to save for a more substantial upgrade.

If he's set on that budget however, the motherboard you linked to certainly isn't bad. So long as his expectations are in check when it comes to overclock-ability.

You're going to want this board, did he get the 8350 for free or something? You can't really buy a cheap board with the 8350 due to it's power requirements

Although that MSI board above doesn't look too bad, in any case you're going to end up spending around 100 pounds to get it up and running

You could MAYBE, maybe use this Asrock 970 board, it's about the best cheap AM3+ board around, but you'd still want to undervolt the 8350 this one is about 70 pounds, you're better off paying the extra 30

I agree. I currently have a system running an 8350 on the pro version of that motherboard. My daily overclock, to keep temps a little lower, sits at 4.6GHz but ran stable at 4.7. So I give the evo my vote of confidence based on that.

He's already got the cpu he just has a motherboard that doesn't have any vrms on the heatsinks so the cpu throttles and he's got a h60 AIO watercooler