Is this a decent build? (First Build)

I will scavenge my 300GB hard drive and my DVD read from my old computer, i was wondering if you would consider this build alright, the power supply is a bit overkill because i am planning to upgrade this later on, also i was wondering if having a 750 watt power supply would cause me to waste power, or does it just not use the extra power that's not being drawn? Also could i scavenge my 4GB AMD entertainment edition ram from my old computer and use it in this build to add an extra 4GB for a 12GB total? I've been told that the fan that comes with the cpu is very loud which is why i chose to add a seperate one.

I am not a very tech literate person so please be nice.

Made for gaming and the occasional video editing/rendering. Would like it to have low power consumption when not gaming and doing small tasks such as browsing the net.

No the extra power is not drawn, and using a higher wattage psu will on lower consuming parts would be more efficient (most review sites do this). However, the higher the wattage, the better the quality must be since it's going to be even bigger and hotter than the averege ones. Many PSUs just die after 2 years of normal use, so watch out for the branded but budget PSUs, especially the lighter ones, a heavy power supply is usually a good pwr supply.

I'd reccomend you get the latest generation of graphics cards whenever you're investing so much money, since you want longevivity of the system. Get a simmilarly priced 700 series card (770, 780 if you cut out the OS and maybe a cheaper motherboard which you really don't need, use a student key from a semi-illicit forum or just bypass activation, you won't lose anything, other than your integrity on this forum).

If you notice too much power wasted during idle, you'd want to set some time to undervolt and underclock the processor and graphics card (they do this automatically but you can still change some settings, would reccomend a gpu overclocking tool like rivatuner or msi afterburner).

For the usage you stated you won't need any more RAM than 8 GB at this time, especially for games who (atm) rarely use over 4. You must use your bought kit so you can take advantage of dual channel capability of system memory (if you add an odd module you won't be able to use it, if you add another kit like the one you bought - same model, same speeds - then it will still be dual channel albeit a bit slower, depending on the motherboard chipset, it's a hardware engineering problem I didn't understand :P, but I'm sure there are more documented folk around.

Keep my suggestion in mind, you'll be really thankful in the long run if you skimped on some of the parts and buy the latest and greatest video card you can afford (there's cheaper ram, you don't really need an SSD, you can get an external usb 3.0 drive later, there's newer better video cards). 

Then you will be somewhat futureproof, because the PC industry is supposedly quickly evolving (although it kind of stood still for about 3 years)

I can do a 770, what kind of motherboard would you recommend though? I need it to be easily upgradable i ever need to change my system up.