Is this a balanced build?

Title explains it all.....  


I did have one question though about my Motherboard.... With a 4+2 phase power design would I be able to OC my FX 6300 to a 4ghz overclock?  pretty modest OC IMO


And another question about my GPU..... People I have talked to have said Powercolor is a bad brand and you should avoid them at all costs.... Is this true?   my last 2 video cards have been by them and I haven't had a problem before.   Also compared to the 7950 how does this card perform, since its a Tahiti LE

4Ghz will be fine on that mobo since it has a vrm heatsink, cant speak on powercolor but heres a general comparison of the hd 7870 vs 7970:

I don't believe you are comparing the 7870 xt which is the one I have in my build....  the 7870 xt is more like a 7930 from what I have heard and should have been named that.