Is this 256gb sd card for 30 $ legit?

it looks like it is since the description and box says 256gb and not like 24gb or 256mb.

It looks legit comparing this (LINK) from the aliexpress listing. Although I have never used Aliexpress so I wouldn't know how often the have legitimate sales or not. Maybe it could be a knockoff with the sandisk branding, you never know.

for 30 bucks im willing to try and get it almost 5 times cheaper, i can always return it and say they lied.

I think it's false. I've never heard of a 256 MicroSD card being Available. Now for a 128GB that's another story those exist and Sandisk had those for 100 dollars. If I were you I wouldn't even buy it. Cause it's shady and if you actually look around for a 256Micro SD card that is able to go in to phones and tablets you won't find one. Not now anyways.

I can see all charts reffering 128GB only, so I would be cautious. You can contact the seller and ask if its not a typo and he is really selling 256GB (gigabytes) card...

The SD Card's box says SDHC (30 MBps max), but the description box says it is a SDXC card.

At this price, there is no way it is a fast SDXC card. A slow SDHC card will be fine for photos, music and video, but not for 4K video or for devices that require fast SDXC cards to write to (if you have such a device, it will say clearly if it requires a fast card).

Sounds very dodgy. Stay clear.

and i can use it with phones and tablets, just need to reformat it though.

is 30mbps good for games, like modern combat 5 or something.

Nope nope nope. SD cards can be flashed to look like more than what they really are. In all likelyhood its a 2-10GB SDcard that shows up as a 256GB SDcard. Not to mention a lot of scammers in AliExpress. Its like Amazon without safeguards.

That's not MicroSD. 99% of Tablets take MicroSD not Regular SD cards. Those you've listed go onto Cameras and some Laptops.



Also ntoice how 70% of the reviews say nothing and only the front page of reviews say anything plus they cant work out if its a 124gb or 254gb card. The one real review got a crap card. Dont bother.

Sorry, i don't know. I don't game, but I can't imagine that it would require very fast cards.

it says micro sd.

yeah i noticed that too, strange to have all 5 stars and yeah ive heard of tricking the device into thinking its higher capacity but that was only with alibaba. also can i not get a refund, i mean aliexpress says i can if they misrepresent their product. also i can test it to see if its actually 256gb, just download a really large video file and see if some of it gets deleted or isnt there because its not actually 256gb.

Thing is that refunds on aliexpress are ther a half refunds where you keep the item which is more common when their trying to scam you or send it back at your cost and chances are the refund will be refused due to lying on the producers side. not worth. esp on an item that is obviously not legit like this.

If you look at the photo of the packaging, you can tell it's faked. The text is weird, and cut off around the edges a bit. Weird pixelation. Taking a photo wouldn't do that, it's poorly printed packaging.

I thought they where fake too until I saw they are clones of the 128gb and 256gb usb drives can't remember which company made tho. Looking at ebay they could be just clones of Adata, PNY, Kingston or Patriot versions.