Is there "custom" Joysticks?

This a very VERY specific thing unfortunately to ask if you had and ideas  where do I look (google didn't help me, for once! ).

I have  a stroke and I have a pure weak right arm (and leg). so I can't use two handed joystick or second a throttle joystick.

I have used the Hydra (not a joystick really), it has all the buttons on top and a second analogue mousestick of top, which I use for general looking aound. Still no throttle on it.

Finding the left handed to rare, but to find the throttle thumb on the actually stick is highly unlikely.

I'm sitting on Star Citizen and Elite Danergous to be released. Basically flight sims.

Is there any one who knows of a custom joystick? Custom not being a simple arcade joystick. I've seen manufacters that might do it, but they are a last resort.

Maybe this, if you can program rotating trim wheel to throttle??But I don't know..

or this then you can program the look around to throttle (on any left or ambitious stick) if the stick will let you, but i don't know..Just a few ideas..

And if you console here are a few vids of one handed controllers..


they also have a usb version of this it is expensive

Found this its not really a joystick but it could be use full for you.

Frozen Dead Yeti: Already have one :)

NonServian: those don't really have what I need and I don't have a full scale of motion  for that heh :)

Yeah FPS I can do with the Hydra, it's difficuilty in space sims EG Spar Citizen and Eilte Dangerous that I need the throttle control, it's a basic since action forware/stop/reverse. of course the amount of speed is  depending on that. 

Ok to clarify are you looking for a left handed or ambidextrous flight stick?? with the ability of throttle control on the stick..

left handed, with throttle on stick, even if  I have to get a custom maded.

throttle on stick with this one it is very basic..edit also this is a copy and paste of a review from amazon about the st90 throttle control..I see a lot of gripes about this hoystick's digital throttle here. Just so that everyone knows, if you HOLD DOWN on the throttle buttons instead of tapping them, then the amount of throttle will change at a slower rate. The "20%" resolution exits for when you want to greatly increase your throttle in a hurry, but there is a method for getting 27% throttle when you need it.

You could probably get the 290 and program two of the buttons for throttle control..or have someone rig up some mechanical lever from the throttle control up to the stick for the throttle

Edit: I can't believe I forgot to link this..

But there maybe someone on the forums who can do this as well..

Edit: also have you thought of using a foot pedal with you good leg for throttle control??


Yeah I saw that site before, seems they are industrial manu.

Yeah S90 did kinda suck it have very limited customizable buttons, in fact just 1. there is only 1 fire button on the front. and the throttle is 2 keys with are marked in 25% increments. The S290 doesn't have a trottle control on the shaft which rules it out straight away :/.


Yes, and I can't use it fully.

loss of movement to right side incruding right foot.

also the S90, It lacks the tail rudder with is kinda good :)

You have been a great help to me. I like the PS1 one hand controller, plenty of options above, but still my arm will get tired or worse crampt :).


this shows you can set throttle control to buttons on the flight stick..This person is using a normal throttle control..But if you look at the software it shows you can set flight stick buttons to throttle control..