Is there any use for an old Nexus 7?

So I have an old nexus 7 (2012 WiFi) and I have no idea if there is any point in keeping it. I've looked into using it as an alarm clock or even a 3rd monitor for my computer, but it all seems more trouble than it's worth.

Can't you use it for... i don't know... Tablet or something?


Hah! ....yeah, good point..
Actually the true issue probably lies in the fact that ever since I got the thing I've struggled to find a use for a tablet. I suppose using it in the traditional sense never fit into my routine.

Plus the 7" screen is nearly the size of every phone these days.

Give it to your local groups that need computers. I am sure some charity could use it.

Thanks... Now, when i say "sell it for a few bucks" i will sound like an a**hole...

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If you have a HTPC you can use it as a remote. If you use kodi there's an app called yaste which is really good, but you can do the same with plex or whatever.

I have a spare galaxy s5 which I use for head tracking in games. Basically I stick it on my head and use this software:

You will sound like a proper capitalist.

I was going to say he could mail it to me, but though charity sounded better.
If I said that then I would be the bigger a**hole
See now I said it and now you can tell him to sell it for a few bucks.
Have a day

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Ok, now that's the coolest solution to head tracking I've ever seen. Next step is figuring out how to affix a seven inch tablet to my head.

Yeah, 7 inches may be a little big, should still work though, you might just have to make sure the scrunchy is tight so it doesn't fall out under its own weight, maybe use elastic bands instead.

I also have one of these 2012 Nexus 7 tablets, damn it's slow. The 2013 model got faster storage and is still a useful tablet. The 2012 is a bit of a dog. Might be worth using it as a test bed for different OS's I have Ubuntu Touch flashed to a Nexus 4 phone and it works nicely. It might be worth flashing the Nexus 7 in the same way. I can't see it running much faster with Ubuntu but it can't run any slower than it does right now with Android.

I also have the 2012 edition. Paid about 200 quid for the 32gb version a few years back and its been sitting on the desk for a while now. I tried using cyanogemod on it for a while, but it was still pretty crappy. Downgraded it back to 4.2 which was what it came with out of the box and its pretty snappy again.
I use mine occasionally as a media player with a pi running plex media server. It works pretty well and might be something to possibly look into.

I still have a 2012 nexus 7, use it mostly for ebooks / magazines. But other than that, I use my phone for everything else.

could put a ton of music on it

Do you have a blutooth stereo or 5.1 receiver amp? This would work great as a google play music or youtube music tablet.

pair it with the Google Chromecast dongle thingie and you have odd looking TV remote, sort of...

Just have it live in a different part of the house. mount it to the wall in the loo who cares how slow it is when you are taking a shit, it's got to be better than reading the back of the shampoo bottle again.

For a long while my wife used mine for baking recipes. She would find new cake recipes, copy off the net to Google keep. Keep on the tablet would automagically update itself in the way Google stuff dose (that would have been some vodoo level stuff only 10 years ago but now we take that shit for granted) and her recipe was right there in the kitchen where she needed it.

I did flash it with cyanogenmod and it seems to be a lot snappier than the stock OS.