Is there any DE that can run multiple XScreens anymore?

Just as the title says. I’ve spent the majority of previous years on Xubuntu. Things were pretty good up to 18.04. However as point releases came out more and more broke. With 18.04 EOL I tried to move to 20.04 then 21.04 as things were completely broken.

Around this time I tried to jump ship to anything else. Anything that might run my setup. Arch, Fedora, Gentoo, other Debian’s. i3 to Mate, LXDE/QT to Gnome…everything is broken once you add a second or third XScreen. The distro doesn’t matter as all DE’s in some form have either flat out stopped enumerating XScreens (looking at you XFCE) or they have changed in ways where they can kinda run them like some unchecked boundary and crash, flake out and go nuts.

I then tried various XRANDR things, Wayland…all trash. I can get things working with an XRANDR setup but at insane overhead costs. Basically all GPU’s sit at 50% idle compared to 0-2% on a traditional XScreen setup.

KDE is the only thing that kinda works but when moving, resizing or interacting with applications on any XScreen other than 0.0 the system will soft lock, things crash, it’s real fun!

Is anyone able to run multi-XScreen setups anymore? I suspect this is some reverse growing pains towards Wayland but man I’ve been running multi GPU for maybe 30 years! To have this yanked away now seems insane. Not to mention I have decent GPUs in the shelf for no reason other than “progress.” I remember stacking ISA GPU’s up with one PCI card for triple monitor WAY back. Now I can have a motherboard with insane PCIe lanes and tons of slots but I can’t freaking use them!?