Is there an ideal irc daemon for a small group?

rather soon-ish the students at my school are going to start up a small gaming group (guessing we wont exceed 20 people).

And because communication is important (and mostly because my home server is running idle anyways) i thought i'd work on a sort of social platform for the group.

One of the things i want to be on there, is an IRC Daemon. After a fresh reinstall of my server (went from a completely customized lubuntu to arch linux) i'm faced with the decision of what Daemon to pick.

I'm mostly going for ease of use, I know the basic workings of unrealircd by now, as that was on my old install, but it seemed rather messy to configure (might have just been my wrong doing) and i'm always open for new things to learn.

within the arch AUR are appareantly a lot of installable Daemons ready. I am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of available daemons, as (to me) there doesnt seem to be much difference between the ones i've tried so far.

Is there ones i should try, ones i should avoid, ones that are better than others, etc?

ps: these are readily available from the AUR (via yaourt command)

ngircd, ultimate-ircd, unrealircd, charybdis-git, inspircd, inspircd-git, ircd-hybrid, ircd-hybrid-server, ircd-ratbox, ircd-ratbox-testing, miniircd-git, solidircd-stable, unrealircd-aur

On my Cubieruck (running Debian / Cubian) I went for ircd-hybrid ( ).

It's efficient and there are a lot of expandability options.

Although there was a 'problem' with the package from the Debian repo:

1. It was version 7.4 (IRCD-Hybrid is currently at 8.2.0)

2. The Repo version did not have OpenSSL support enabled.


Therefore I compiled it myself.

What I really like about IRCD-Hybrid is the huge and fully commented config-file. 

after a busy 2 days i decided to try ircd-hybrid, but it doesnt seem to work, giving no errors, just exiting.

i might head back to unreal just because i had it before, and i know how it *should* work