Is there an app to get info(make, model and etc...) of computer hardward?

Is there a program available that outputs the make, model and etc of the hardware in my computer? It’s been a few years since I built my PC and I forgot the specifications of my machine.

CPUz and Everest? Those are both still a thing, right?

msinfo32 is bundled with Windows


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DxDiag can be helpful too

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here is a list of some that worked.
but im trying to remember my old one it would actually list the keys for the os’s you installed.but its been 20 years since i last used it.

HWiNFO is my go to. It really tells you about everything about a PC.

found that old program Its called belarc advisor.
it gave a surprising amount of information about your systems hardware and the driver versions it was using at the time. (including whether it was disabled by the os)
it also displayed the keys for the operating system and any other register-able program installed.