Is there actually any way to sync GoG save files on Linux with their cloud system?

By now we know GoG Galaxy probably won’t see a Linux release anytime soon (which is sad).

But did anyone actually manage to sync their games’ save files with the GoG cloud like it’s possible with Windows and GoG Galaxy?

Sometimes such projects seem to popup out of the wild but I personally haven’t found anything related to it yet.

I’ve been using Syncthing for syncing save files. There are a number of games on Steam where the Linux and Windows save files are interchangeable, but the cloud sync isn’t syncing them cross platform.


Interesting attempt.

I usually use Syncthing as Nextcloud replacement since I can’t offer any server based services with my Internet connection as it’s using a shared IPv4 connection with full IPv6 which doesn’t work well in Germany for multiple reasons.

Anyway, I thought about setting up a rsync script or FreeFileSync to place files on my NAS for that purpose.

Where are GoG game save files usually located in both systems anyway?

I install GoG games on Linux through Lutris since there’s no Galaxy client.

I wish gog would get off there ass and make a good linux client


I literally have 2 different Stardew Valley games on 2 different installs and finding out the .config and save game structure is always a hassle. The one on my 5400RPM distro test HDD is further ahead than the one on my X79 system’s 860 EVO SSD.

But with Cyberpunk not supporting Linux and Witcher 3 never coming to Linux, CD Projekt is pretty much only taking the minimal effort to provide native Linux versions.

That is not true. A lot of the stuff on GOG has native Linux versions and they work hard to make them work as best they can. Just because their own games don’t have a native port doesn’t mean they don’t care

Witcher 3 also had absolutely no reason to have a native version (other then make the reeeeeeeeeeeeeeers shut up) and realistically requires more work then it is worth (yes I know MUH LINUXers can’t understand that argument, but that doesn’t make it any less true). Witcher 3 ran basically perfectly on WINE from day 1 so why waste developer resources on a platform that in the long run results in more work then it’s worth? And we’ve seen how the Linux community can be absolute dickheads with Witcher 2. If it’s not absolutely perfect on every single distro “those people” will ruin it for everyone.
And also remember Witcher 3 released at a time where Linux gaming was still absolutely atrocious, it certainly is not as it is today (and even now it’s far from “click install and go”).


Back to topic:
I have not tried it myself, but have you tried just installing GOG in WINE and using the sync that way? You can (probably?) symlink the save files into whereever GOG needs them to sync and let it do it that way.

That depends on the game itself. Every developer puts it in different places (because MS doesn’t care to enforce their directories they made for that). Typical locations are My Documents/My Games, %AppData%, My Documents/<name of the game> or similar. I just tend to check PC Gaming Wiki for the locations.

I wanted to implement a feature into Lutris a while ago to automatically symlink those locations to something outside the prefix, but that didn’t work out (mainly because I don’t know the Lutris codebase very well and my symlinks were created either too early or too late in the prefix creation).

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I use Minigalaxy and it allows you to change where games are installed. Maybe that could help in finding game saves?

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