Is there a Sim City torrent yet?

Just wanted to know

I don't really see that happening soon. it would be like what you would have to do with a MMO. It just doesn't have the coding to save locally or anything like that.

I'm not saying it can't be done. It absolutely can be done. But its going to take time and I think you would have to emulate your own server for your client to have something to talk too.

I heard that this guy modded sim city to be played offline. so we will most likely see one in the near futureĀ 

I've already posted on some forums about it and even gave some info on what files need to be rebuilt to create a full blown offline client with local saves. The game isn't that hard to crack itself, but rewriting its core dll files can be a bit tricky. Inside one of the dlls I mentioned to the guy, there were the protocols to talk to the EA servers. If rewritten to local host, and given a directory to mimic something similar to a failsafe offline backup, similar to how steam does cloud saves as well as local saves that sync to the cloud, it would be quite easy to break the client from origin servers (I already did that, but couldnt save any games as I couldnt properly emulate a local server to save to). If that guy read any of my posts floating around the internet, I'd say give it about another 2 weeks to get a working crack with local saves.

Like I said, the hard part is breaking the dll files to create a local save. Who knows, it might explode into a full blown mod for retail as well. If someone modded the menu client to have offline and online multiplayer modes, then the game would be 100x more enjoyable. For that to happen, it would take about a month total to break everything down to rewrite and execute correctly. But that is assuming there is only one person working on the project ;)

We do not talk about piracy on the forums guys, come on.

Im not promoting piracy. Im promoting modding XD