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Is there a reasonably priced Titan or a non Titan GTX Ti card out there?


So, my brother is an freelance industrial designer and is in dire need of compute power. He almost exclusively uses Rhino and Cinema 4d.
These are his rig specs:

AMD FX-9370
R7 360 GPU

Edited because incorrect assumptions :stuck_out_tongue:


If you are really tight you may want to check the used market…
You may be able to get some nice deals on an older generation cards… Even full on system hardware…


The budget isn’t thaaaat tight, I just don’t want to buy a GPU that wouldn’t get utilized properly on a weak system like this if I can get a complete mid range balanced system for a bit more money, that would still have a more capable GPU than the one he has right now.

I’m looking at the used cards market, now. But not sure what to get.


Probably could use an entire new build, is he sticking with the cpu set up?


Ok, so I made a mistake. I thought this was his build but I was dead wrong. I kept telling him that he send me his speccy screenshot, but he never would and I fished this one out of some old conversation on FB.
So basically what he’s running is an AMD FX-9370, 16GB RAM, and an R7 360. That means the only thing he needs to upgrade is the GPU, right? Fill fix original post.


IF he needs CPU power at all this is going to be rough I mean the R3 skus are faster then this.


The budget right now allows only for a single GPU, since a new CPU would require a complete rebuild.


Whats the budget for the gpu as that really would depend on what i would suggest (new vs used at different budgets, how old the used stuff is etc. Also SSD might help as well


Oh, he has an SSD. But storage is inexpensive and I don’t really mind buying it if he should need more.
I’d say the budget is about 400 for the GPU. I also thought about getting me a new Vega and giving him my R9 390x, but that would only be a slight bump in rendering speed.


well, what is it?


ReAdInG iS hArD :stuck_out_tongue:

On the real prob like 1070ti / 2060 would be the sweet spot for new or like a 1080 used


I’ve thought about some of these as well. But being not in the US really does bump prices quite a bit. I’ll try finding something in that range. Thanks for the recommendation.


Wich version of C4D is he using?
Depending on that, a GPU upgrade will only do so much.

That said, the FX-9-series is not that fast anyway.


It’s either R15 or R17. One of the two.
Yeah, I thought the FX-9 are decent, but gaming performance doesn’t really apply here, since he only plays League of legends occasionally.


Gaming performance does not, right.
Cinebench R15 score does.


Yeah, I’m aware it’s terrible. I’m gonna have to find a used actually good system.


in my opinion save more money , your gpu isn’t the main problem and upgrading it will delay the system upgrade .

so try to build new pc and u can re use a lot of the parts:

so u will replace :
3- motherboard
only and that will give you the jump of performance you need.
maybe something based on the 2700x.
unless you need lots of pcie lanes or so much ram then threadripper might be better idea.


Sound advice.
2700x is quite the beast for the price. But now that I think about it, so is the 1700x. And that would also be quite an upgrade and it’s a 100€ cheaper, which is even better


Maybe atitan black can be tad for free now :o


200 and up in the EU. Still holding strong. Stubborn GPU…