Is there a point in RAID 1 SSDs?

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I'm working on revamping my home server's HDD configuration. I was going to put a couple of small SSDs to use as a scratch disk for recording 4k 60fps video footage to via the network. I was wondering if there is any point to RAID 1 SSDs seeing as, correct me if I'm wrong, they have a predictable life-span out-of-the-box. For my purposes, it would be pretty much useless, this is more just as a matter of curiousity.

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Loosing data sucks and SSDs die at random aswell.
Maybe have a single SSD for videos you are working on and R1 with HDDs for backup.


No. Raid 1 is terrible.

Wendell does a pretty good overveiw as to why


Bit-rot in the drive makes the raid device not sure what information is true and what is false.

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SSDs can die or malfunction. I recently had an 850PRO drop out of my own PC's RAID5 array because of CRC errors.

In the NAS I run the SSDs in mirrored mode (ZFS' version of RAID1), just in case one of them dies or something happens to the data. ZFS can handle bitrot etc so if one of the SSDs flips a bit, ZFS will find out which of the files went bad and will automatically repair it using the parity data.

That being said, I wouldn't recommend RAID1 for the reasons mentioned in the post just above this one.

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I use raid 1 on both my NVR and file servers. I'm more concerned with data loss due to drive failure, not bitrot or bad users.

In the future I may tease a parity setup or raid 10. Want to improve read speeds.

So I'm thinking two or three raid 0 sata III SSDs for a recording space. I'm not sure how much bandwidth I need, but I'm thinking that should be enough to record 4k 60fps video from two sources at once. Thoughts?

Only raid I would do it raid 1 myself. 4TB HDs and resilvering tales a lot of time. Hell I might have even bigger HD soon.

As too SSD well stuff can break....Its all risk management choices. I guess on the size and speed of SSDs there are choices. Id still consider raid 1 for safety.

Raid1 is good if you want fast reads.

Should probably just slap an NVME drive in your actual recording PC

The thing is, I have two PCs that I use for recording. Ideally I want high read speeds. It'll basically only be a scratch disk while the recording is being done. Once it's complete, it'll be transferred on to a raid 5 mechanical drive array. I don't archive any of my footage because I simply can't afford the storage atm.

Get a MB that can take one of the new SSD's that read and write in the Gb's per second and you cant need more than that for a few years.

I don't have anything useful to add just wanted to say that I look forward to taking the world over with you.

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If I could afford a second M.2 mobo I totally would. Sadly, my student loan doesn't really stretch that far. :(

you can buy a PCIe to M.2 adapter

This is one of the things I disagree with Wendell about.

With a proper raid controller and doing proper backups there almost no drawback of raid considering it gives you faster read writes and assists in avoiding downtime from failed disks.

When I was a systems admin I raid 10'd all of my servers.

Just curious, what OS do you want to run these RAIDed SSDs under? That would have a significant impact on the answer I would give.


I'm using proxmox that's currently running 4 debian containers, 1 windows vm and I'm adding either openSUSE or BSD as a storage server. I may add an OS X VNC server if I have enough cores/RAM left to run after effects on it. But that is probably optimistic. :)

It'll be the BSD/OPENsuse server that will take advantage of the SSDs.