Is there a good laser mouse?

So I’ve had 2 gaming mice in my lifetime. I gotta say, the sensitivity on them was really nice, but the fact that they didn’t last 6 months is pretty goddamned frustrating. It’s not like I do a whole lot of gaming these days, so I can’t imagine that I’m working them to death. Do they just suck that bad?

The first one was a Logitech G500 I believe. It started failing to click like 5 months after I bought it.

The latest one is an ASUS ROG Gladius. So far it works fine enough, but the pad on the left side where my thumb goes has come off, and oh my fucking god the goop they put under those pads. I’m going to try and clean it up to use it without the pad, but holy shit. Goop everywhere.

Is it possible to get a good laser mouse for $20-$30? Generally I like how they work. I just wish they would work longer. I may have to go back to a regular optical mouse, but let’s face it, cranking the DPI on those things isn’t the same as having a laser mouse.

thats a fairly easy fix that ive done myself to many a cheap mice :smiley:

as for good laser mice, ive had pretty good luck with the super cheap office mice from walmart :slight_smile:


The best mouse I have ever owned, no shit: IBM generic optical mouse. Best fucking mouse on the planet and I have like 20. Bonus of my laser mice? Buttons. If I could get a MV460 optic mouse with the macro buttons on my G600 I would go mental and buy out their stock.

Why you may ask?

Quake and CS hops. Is CS especially, I love to hop. Optical I can work with. Theres a sliver of lag time with each stride of movement and it gives you some time to reset and line up to a perfect movement. It sounds stupid, but Bhop in CS as part of your playstyle and you will see what I mean.

Now, best laser? Fuck me, you’re asking for it honestly. Best one will be out of convenience TBH. For example, Logitech G700s is a cheaper MX Master with more macros. Can be wired, or wireless, exchangeable batteries, good to go. Lose the dongle or it dies? Literally use ANY USB cable you find. Walk along side the road and pick one up. Bam mouse cable.

Most convenient mouse fuckin ever.

Had the same experience with the Microsoft intellimouse, hours of WoW and DotA and its still kicking.
As for a good laser mouse? Well i like my Steelseries sensei.

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The Steelseries Sensei was used by SteelSeries sponsored pros. There is a negative stigma surrounding laser mice for gaming, but if pros can win matches with it, there’s no reason why anyone else shouldn’t be able to other than lack of skill. The old Sensei is on Amazon for $48.50 right now, which is relatively cheap for a good gaming mouse.

As for a really cheap ($20-30) laser mouse? I have no clue.

Good all around mouse, I have only tried it out in stores. Almost bought one:

Wireless, I have used this extensively:

There is only one mouse (out of 5) that I have used that did not suffer from click failure in the first two years: The Coolermaster Inferno (Laser). I only replaced it because it was nearing 3 years old and I thought it would die soon… but it still works.

Most of my mice start failing around the 1.5 year mark. Logitech was kind enough to send me a new G602 when it started going after about 1.5 years. It is still sitting in the box for now.

Why are you looking at laser mice? As far as I know, optical sensors can be more reliable (surface tracking on more materials) and more accurate (no acceleration). It all depends on the particular sensor.

I just soldered in a new switch.


I have the G700, the solid black non-S variant, and agree it WAS a nice mouse. The shape is perfect, IMO. However, I had to ditch it for gaming due to the occasional split second where it would glitch out on me and stop registering that it was supposed to be moving. Probably just bad luck for me because I’ve had great experience with Logitech otherwise. My 10+ year old Logitech G5 is still going strong. I still use the G700 at work where that split second of it cutting out won’t really be noticed. I’d recommend it with you if it were in the $20-30 price point he’s looking for (assuming my issue was an anomaly of course). However, I don’t think it’s a cheaper MX Master. Pretty much completely different aside from brand. And currently more expensive than the original MX Master on Amazon. :smile:

I was going to say the same thing, although for slightly different reasons.

From a personal experience front though… me going from the Logitech G700 laser to the Corsair M65 Pro optical… I can’t say I really noticed a difference. I’m no pro by any stretch of the imagination…

Here’s an article covering laser vs optical myths:

I would probably stretch the budget a bit and give the Sensei mentioned above a try if wired is OK. It has the benefit of no rubberized textures on it to come unglued and then ruin the mouse…

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Thats an issue with your unit then. Mine works fine.

I guess I’ll give the Corsair M65 Pro a shot and see how it goes. If it doesn’t work well, then I can hit up the G700. Thanks everyone!


that is a option but this solution is free :smiley:

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Had some industrial limit switches from panasonic arround.
And as all the pins lined up perfectly, I just went for it.


The G700 is a heavy POS with god awful battery life. I’m not sure why you had problems with the G500 as I have 2 that are still kicking after all these years but at any rate, you could replace the switches with some omrons if you’re handy with a soldering iron. Theres also the G502 which replaces the G500 and does a decent job at it. Wife has one and it feels good in the hand. Its above your price range but if you dont mind spending a little bit more then its probably the sweet spot as far as sensor quality and feature set.

If you just want a decent wireless mouse without the gamer specs the M705 is pretty good. It has the extra buttons, it has the infinite scroll, its pretty ergonomic, and its cheap. About the only thing wrong with it as far as “gaming” goes is the polling rate and the sensor is offset from center.

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