Is there a dictionary or glossary of generic coding terms and keywords?

One thing I have noticed in learning to code is that even when someone is catering to an absolute beginner they seems to have this weird assumption that the beginner knows what on earth the instructor is talking about.

For example it’s all well and good to talk about integers, variables, strings, and Boolean’s and other things like that. But they forget that the student may not have any idea what those things even are.

I found that very thing when I first decided to get into coding and as I progress I really think something like that would be incredibly useful to people.

I work in engineering and if I tell someone who is new to the field to use a tool or go get an item I first off have to make sure they know what those things are. If someone has never used a screwdriver before I can’t expect them to know what one is.

Does one exist?


I have the opinion with new people to get to the value fast, if they get to the point of commiting to keep learning they could write down anything in a work book the either google search or ask a seasoned programing what the weird runes mean.

Example of going fast: Learn Python in Y Minutes

Sure it’s not explaining for chapters each concept tho the value is clear, want to do math operations, in 6 lines you got an example.

I absolutely agree that people should take notes. I just think a list of basic definitions would be very handy.

What you are looking for is a lexicon. Because while some creativity is needed in programming, it is strictly speaking, a form of technical writing that requires a more or less standardized set of words.

Found this:

Hope it helps


this is one of the reasons i swear by learning from a book when your learning to program.
a simple appendix at the back with the language vocabulary listed with a short reminder of what the instruction does. and a page number to find examples.

sounds to me like the tutor is a bit lazy? carless and hopes when he fires words out that you do his job for him and go look it up yourself rather than him telling you. if thats the case maybe remind him what his job is :wink: nicely of course :slight_smile:


Thankfully I chose to go the book route and not dealing with tutors. But it’s something I see on damn near ever learn to code video or tutorial I see people using online.

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I remember this having decent explanations for each section