Is there a competitor to Oneplus One (price & specs)?

Plain and simple: Is there ANY other phone that has such crazy ("flagship") specs like the One, but also at around the same price? It's been, I believe, over a year since the One's release, and I've yet to find a decent competitor, or in other words, a better band for buck mobile phone, and the One's price hasn't dropped! Please advise: which other phone would be a better deal at around the same specs?

Maybe the Nexus 5? I think that is about the closest thing you'd be able to get off contract. I'm sure some of the new phones coming out of China should be pretty cheap too. 

a used but good condition note 3. bought one on swappa [go for under $300] and its been great. till i cracked the screen...

Both the Nexus 5 and the Note 3 are a lot more expensive than the One, at least where I live. Phone will be bought off contract of course - we're talking the price of the device itself.


Let's also make the comparison between new phones (not used) as things will get skewed comparing used major brand phones to a new Oneplus One (which you really can't buy used).

I know a few: